haircutting & styling

For most of us, our hair is a view to our soul.
Many of us have an emotional attachment to our hair, we need it to say who we are, how we feel, get the job, get us a mate and help us feel good about ourselves! Our passionate and super creative team of stylists will take care in ensuring that you are the most beautiful version of yourself. Though our pricing below is categorized by women, men and children, this is based on an average. We always remain flexible within the gender and age categories to suit each individual finished style based on time and amount of work.

Each of our stylists and colorists bring their own individual expertise, continuing education and experience to Parlor and their guests. This is reflected in our pricing structure. To view each stylist’s menu, please go to “our team”.

WOMEN65 to 85+
MEN40 to 50+
CHILDREN35 to 45+
BLOW DRY45 to 65+

*please note that prices may vary for each haircut or style according to length and thickness of hair in order to compensate for work and time.