Kevin Schumacher


I’ve been a photographer for as long as I can remember, going back to when I was twelve years old, roaming New York City’s old Fulton Fish Market with my uncle and mentor, taking pictures and learning the rules of photography. These trips to the city taught me above all to be observant of my surroundings, and to never miss a photographic opportunity. The ability to capture a moment in time, precisely and forever, soon became intoxicating to me, and I started to bring my camera with me everywhere I went. Instantly, I was hooked on photography and I never looked back.

My commitment to my work and the emptiness I feel when I miss out on it informs a lot of the art I produce. I am ultimately driven by my desire to stop time, which translates into an almost compulsive desire to capture every moment that’s occurring around me at any given time. I am fascinated by the millions of ordinary moments and things that comprise the majority of our lives; my goal is to catch as many of these moments as I can and to transform them into ephemeral encapsulations of this life. I want my art to inspire people to become more aware of the beauty of the arbitrary and mundane moments we often take for granted.

This show, titled “Impermanence,” serves to preserve those same fleeting moments. I chose to photograph flowers because I found that they, as with many things in life, are uniquely beautiful throughout their entire lifespan. Each photo in this show, from the budding flowers to the decaying ones, captures the vestiges of a season quickly slipping away. Unlike some of my past work which captured the surreal, this show focuses on the garden-variety lifeforms that we pass by every single day.

Some of the most beautiful things in life are those which are finite, and perhaps only exist for one season, or one moment, a year. If you take only one thing from this series, I hope it is to cherish the passing of time and the memories you make because life is, by nature, impermanent.